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The Eagle.

Federation Uprising is a proud member of the Legacy Coalition and also part of faction warfare, fighting on behalf of the Gallente Federation. We are the largest, most active, and most successful Alliance in all faction warfare and whilst one of the smaller Alliances in Legacy Coalition, we make up for that with a great community and a capable group of players who seek out PVP in all shapes and sizes.

FEDUP stages out of a null-sec system:

in the Immensea constellation in the South of New Eden.

This does put us deep in null-sec, though we frequently deploy to other areas of New Eden to take advantage of the content there, whether that be faction warfare space, other areas of null-sec, or elsewhere.

Once a member of FEDUP you should no longer go to hi-sec. This is because pilots and NPC police of the enemy factions (the Caldari State and Amarr Empire) can and will kill you there. Furthermore, our Alliance is often the subject of war declarations by hi-sec ganking groups. You should have a neutral, hi-sec alt who is not a member of the Alliance to use there.


Find out more about the Alliance structure, including Leadership, Diplomats, and the Corporations that make up FEDUP.

For structure access control list and standings requests for alts you should contact your corporation leadership.

To place a character in our neutral, non-faction warfare Alliance AUXUP, you will need to contact Rob Drymen. Market alts, miners and industrialists are all welcome here.

Discord, Mumble, and the Auth

A guide to setting up push to talk.

One of the first things you will need to do as a member of FEDUP is complete the Auth process. This will grant you access to the entirety of Discord and Mumble for both FEDUP and Legacy Coalition. Both are important platforms for communication in the Alliance and are therefore mandatory.

Discord is where fleet pings, announcements, updates and other important matters are made. Mumble is what we use for voice communications.

When you've followed all of the below instructions you should be on the following Discord and Mumble servers:

  • FEDUP Discord
  • Volton Discord
  • FEDUP Mumble
  • BRAVE Mumble

FEDUP Servers

Setting up FEDUP Discord and FEDUP Mumble

  • STEP 1. Install Discord and Mumble: https://www.mumble.com, https://www.discordapp.com.
  • STEP 2. Go on this website: https://auth.federationuprising.com/ This is the Alliance auth website. Sign in with your main character and ensure you enter an email address.
  • STEP 3. You should now have access to the Auth website. On the left hand column you’ll see a tab named SERVICES. Click it.
  • STEP 4. On the SERVICES tab you will see Discord, and Mumble.
  • STEP 5. Click the ACTIVATE buttons on the right to activate both Discord and Mumble.

Mumble Continued

  • STEP 6. This same page tells you your Mumble username, the Mumble server name, and gives you the option to change your Mumble password.
  • STEP 7. Start Mumble.
  • STEP 8. Click CONNECT.
  • STEP 9. You will now see a box titled Mumble Server Connect. Click ADD NEW.
  • STEP 10. Enter the details given to you by the auth in the EXACT FORMAT the Auth provided it to you in. This includes capital letters and all punctuation.
  • STEP 11. The server will now appear on your server list. Join the server.
  • STEP 12. On your first time joining a box may pop up stating there is a problem with your certificate. Enter your Mumble password which is the same as the one you set on the Auth.
  • STEP 13. Set up the correct push-to-talk settings. Follow these instructions.

Discord Continued

  • STEP 14. You may now have to wait 1-2 hours for the Auth to recognise that you have joined FEDUP. At this time, the Auth will grant you full access to our Discord server.
  • STEP 15. Ensure you change your name on Discord to [CORPTICKER]Exact Character Name (for example: [ALWAR] Saucy Swag)

Mumble FAQ

  • Q. I can't connect!
  • A. Check you have used the exact Mumble username provided by the auth, including punctuation. In particular, check that any spaces in your name are replaced by an underscore: _

If problems persist, contact jonnyw2k or Genei on Discord.

Setting up Coalition Discord and Coalition Mumble

Legacy Coalition uses Voltron Discord and BRAVE Mumble for Legacy Coalition fleet pings and comms:

The set up process should be self explanatory.

Essential Information

Our staging system is REB-KR.

You can find out more about ratting systems, mining systems, and jump bridges here: Using out Space: A Guide and Null Sec Best Practices: A Guide.

Here is a basic run-down of FEDUP Essential information:

1. Be cordial and respectful of alliance members, friends, and even enemies.

2. Come to fleets ready to fight! Proper doctrine or support ships are available on our market in REB-KR and by using CFO.

3. Respect our friends and allies: If a blue shoots you, contact one of our diplos and include combat logs.

4. Respect the space of our friends: rat, mine, and do exploration sites in our space (you can mine ice in L-5JCJ).

5. To keep us and our friends safe, report neutral/red intel in the intel channel for the coalition, Int.Immenseaz (in-game).

6. All ore mined from an alliance-owned moon gets contracted to Calil Aldent. You will be paid.

7. Follow the Market Rules when listing items on the market.

8. Ask for help when you need it!

Fleets and Doctrines

The importance of fleets is graded in three levels:

  • Standard Fleet - Typically a roam or 'fun' fleet where the fleet composition is likely to be flexible or off-doctrine. OPTIONAL
  • Strategic Operation (STRATOP) - Your attendance is important, but not mandatory. Typically concerns an important objective, using a designated fleet composition. ATTENDANCE DESIRED
  • Call To Arms (CTA) - A vital fleet of urgent importance. Your attendance is mandatory if online, and if not, you're asked to make all reasonable efforts to be online to take part. Typically concerns a vital objective, using a designated fleet composition, usually a high-end or capital based doctrine. ATTENDANCE DEMANDED

A list of Fleet Doctrines can be found here, or on Fleet Up, which you can use to import the fits to your in-game fitting screen. It is important you make an effort to be able to fly all of these ships.

Newbro Help

Yep, it ain't easy.

Please see Newbro to find new player assistance.


Please see Policies to understand any rules or expectations the Alliance has of you.

Quick Summary

In case things get confusing, here's a super brief summary:


"Colo" = Coalition.

The Coalition's name is Legacy

Voltron is Legacy Coalition minus Test Alliance


Comms we use for FEDUP Fleets:

Mumble: FEDUP Auth login by going to Services -> Mumble

Comms we use for Voltron/Legacy/Colo Fleets:

Discord for chat: https://legacyvoltron.com/ login by going to Services -> Discord

Brave Mumble: https://mumble.bravecollective.com


Where you should keep your ships/clones/etc:

FEDUP: REB-KR - Luminaires' Reach

Legacy Coalition: L-5JCJ - Immensea Supreme Court (1 jump from REB-KR)


All doctrines are on our fleetup or accessible through our auth. For more info, see Essential Hangar List.

The Doctrines listed as Legacy Voltron should be kept in L-5JCJ - Immensea Supreme Court.

Final Checklist

  • Have you set up Discord?
  • Have you set up Mumble?
  • Are you aware of where to find fleet announcements and the importance of checking, and participating, regularly?
  • Are you aware of where to keep up-to-date with Alliance goings-on and objectives?
  • If you’re a newbro, are you clear on where you can get help if you need it?
  • Are you aware of the expectations of you as a FEDUP member?